Referenzmonitor JVC DT-V20L3G Professional

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The DT-V20L3GZ is an upgraded studio quality monitor with 3G/dual link HDSDI inputs designed for a wide range of applications in television studios, remote production vans, production and post facilities. Its compact size and high resolution make it ideal for rack mounting, or for use in cramped editing suites. JVC’s anti-diffusion screen surface produces sharper images with high contrast and rich colors. JVC exclusive 10-bit 4:4:4 digital processing significantly improves image quality while reducing latency to less than one frame. A new large vectorscope and waveform monitor are built-in. Digital closed captioning is provided.

Monitor Calibration Software

  • Anti-diffusion 1680 x 1050 LCD panel provides outstanding resolution, high contrast ratio with deep blacks and rich color. (16×9 picture area is 1680 x 945)
  • Status and metering displayed above or below the active picture area.
  • Large Vectorscope/Waveform monitor with over level function
  • New low-latency circuits (<1 frame)
  • 3G / Dual-Link inputs for monitoring of up 1080 60p 4:2:2 and 1080 24p 4:4:4 digital video signals: SMPTE 424M/425M/372M
  • Accepts 1080/24psf signals
  • Embedded Audio with up to 12 channel Audio Level Display
  • Digital Closed Captioning Decoder (EIA-708/608) built in
  • DVI-D (HDMI compatible) for HD-DVD / Blu-Ray Disc playback
  • 1:1 Scaling Mode for pixel-to-pixel 720p display
  • Full screen mode for SD 4:3 signals
  • ASCII code input of monitor name
  • Supports wide range of HD and computer scan rates
  • Gold-plated HD SDI connectors
  • IP conversion mode can be selected from NORMAL MODE (frame complement and vertical filter), FIELD (field complement) and CINEMA (for 24p)
  • 4-way remote control system: Contact, pulse trigger, RS-485 (via RJ-45) x 2 and RS-232

Additional Features:

  • Metal rear cabinet provides excellent radiation performance and rugged durability
  • Compact square, all-in-one design. Dual-role stand included
  • Front rotary digital controls with analog look & feel
  • Time code on/off function
  • VESA 100 mounting holes. Built-in protection of rear connections

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